the world from my window...

The world is a vast, ambivalent space. I see it the way it appears outside my window, sometimes blurred, sometimes a fogless void . . .an endless tunnel of memories, imagined realities, parallels, recurrences and possibilities.
Timothy Ogene

Allen Ginsberg, Life Mask 
 “Part of Ira Cohen’s Bandaged Poets series, which first began when Ira  met his second wife Caroline Gosselin in Amsterdam in the late 1970s.  Gosselin had been making ‘life masks’ and Ira began photographing the  process of bandaging all the noted poets that crossed their path. Cohen  had originally published Ginsberg in Gnaoua in 1964. Cohen would later  wryly comment that Allen Ginsberg made sure New York City wasn’t big  enough for two bearded Jewish poets”
  • 14 May 2011
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